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The company was founded in 1993. Production of printed packaging made of aluminum and polypropylene foil are main activity of our company. Our distinctive products in the market are: Al lids for the dairy and confectionery industry, printed film for butter, printed foil for processed cheeses, shrink sleeve labels, in mold and bottle labels.

The Company's basic principles of the quality policy are:

- Quality, safety and product reliability are business priority of each employee in our company.
- Total commitment to environmental management involves establishing balance between the commercial aspects and environmental aspects.
- Continuous improvement of work organization in order to develop new technologies and rational use of natural resources.
- All employees in the company are permanently committed to consistently and responsibly implement the adopted policy with the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers.
All this we achieve by establishing, maintaining and constantly improving the quality management system, environmental protection and product safety in accordance with the requirements of the following standards: SRPS ISO 9001:2015 and SRPS ISO14001:2015 and 22000:2018.



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Quality Management System ISO 9001 Environmental Protection Management System ISO 14001 Food Safety Management System ISO 22000